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Psychotherapy Hvidovre

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Chris Armitage Johansson

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Strandmarksvej 88B


Your psychotherapist

Chris Armitage Johansson

Growing up and in my youth, I lived what most people would call "a life on the edge".

It has been a life marred by loneliness, addiction and lawlessness. For the past 20 years, through self-development and intensive work, I have turned my life around and now live in my own house in Hvidovre with my wife and daughter. In 2021 I completed the 4-year Education of Psychotherapy at the Psychotherapeutic Training Center in Frederiksberg, and I am currently taking a further education specialized in Trauma therapy.

My story has given me a unique insight into the human psyche and through this I have developed a heightened emotional sensitivity which I now use to fine tune my treatments, meeting my clients needs with care and respect.

In therapeutic work, we often start from childhood and the history that lies in the early years of development.

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what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a collective term for various clinical treatment methods that aim to help people deal with psychological and personal problems.

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I offer individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy.

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Couple therapy 1400 DKK

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