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About psychotherapy

Trauma therapy

I specialize in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma therapy.

I have a psychodynamic approach in my practice, as substantial research indicates that the problems that people struggle with in their adult life originate often in childhood, where some basic needs in varying degrees have not been met. For some, it has created a survival mechanism and behavioural patterns that worked at one point, but at different -and sometimes large- extents these mechanisms and patterns now prevent them from healing, and they can be difficult to break.

When we face these situations there may be cases where we have not learned the ability in childhood to regulate ourselves via mirroring our parents.

Nervous system

By looking openly and honestly at your history, an attempt is made to build a bridge between the intellectual and the emotional, and to "connect" the nervous system and reflexes together with a deeper understanding of behavioural patterns.

For example, most people can identify their own negative patterns, but breaking them and rebuilding newer and healthier patterns to replace them is another story.

Here is a little description of the influence of the nervous system on these symptoms:


Most people often have a repetition of negative patterns. 

Whether it is in relation to alcohol, drugs, sex, work, shopping, gambling, etc., or to a feeling of rejection, of not being able to stand up for yourself, respecting your own boundaries, etc. You promise yourself that this time it will be different but end up in the same place again and again.

Through in-depth trauma work, we will work towards being able to intuitively and emotionally learn to create new behaviour patterns that are not detrimental and destructive but that can rebuild confidence in your own abilities and restore contact with the part of yourself that has been neglected or perhaps has never been recognized at all. 

If you want to learn more about addiction and trauma therapy, click the links below to see more with renowned doctor and trauma specialist Gabor Maté.

"If you want a caring and humane therapy that can make you aware of your limitations in life - and help you move forward purposefully? Then Chris is the man!
Chris is very authentic, razor-sharp, extremely empathetic and competent - and Chris has the mental hair on his chest, which means that conversations and therapy with Chris make all the difference in order for you to focus and move on.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris as a psychotherapist.”

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